First Schedule

Here we go. Starting tomorrow, I’ll put the new schedule in place.   So, what is it about? I’ve set up a Google Agenda which […] Read more »

Outside Walking

Today I went out to the Real Life. Great graphics. Amazing physics engine. Ok-ish gameplay.   I left my home on a whim It was […] Read more »

VPN = 15% off

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I spent money to learn something online.   Has free knowledge disappeared? No, free content hasn’t disappeared or gotten […] Read more »

Today, I did nothing

Today I didn’t feel too well. Nothing physical, it’s just that my moral wasn’t really high. Nothing major, but enough for me to just take […] Read more »

Oops, I did it again

Remember how I nuked the server yesterday? Well, today in the attempt of finishing to set everything back up I managed to lock myself out. […] Read more »