Network Analysis

10 – Pods again

I have a quite productive day behind me. I’m happy and sleepy. But, I’ll probably take the time to start my journal. New start, new […] Read more »

Sleeping Pod

8 – Sleeping Pods

The food is quite good. But I’m not gonna keep eating this for 60+ years, that’s for sure. Mental note: Improving food quality top priority. […] Read more »

control room

6 – Captain

Captain of such a huge ship. Such an honor. Such a privilege. Such a daunting task. I kinda wish it were me. But I’m not. […] Read more »

5 – Arrival

I wake up as we are about to board. The docking probably just was routine. U-turn, deceleration to match the target speed. A little bit […] Read more »


4 – Transfer

Remember when I said this should be a smooth ride? It’s not. Are we behind schedule, so we gotta accelerate a little more than planned? […] Read more »

waiting room

3 – Docking

“Please return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, it’s about to get shaky! We don’t want anyone to get hurt, now do we?” Great. The […] Read more »

view on earth

2 – Ascension

My head hurts. The roar turned into a whistle. I feel floaty. Weightless. As I try to open my eyes, the light just blinds me. […] Read more »

inside the pod

1 – Departure

“We are writing HISTORY!” The voice resonates in my skull as I stumble into the elevator. I smirk. I have been waiting my whole life […] Read more »