Ship Weapons

3 – Departure

You know how governments are, always trying to “protect” their citizens.

This was no exception, and army and police forces were sent to surround these threats and make sure to maintain order.

The aliens didn’t seem to be bothered by the commotion caused by their arrival.

A few people, which probably were as fascinated and attracted by the alien ship tried to get through the security lines, but were quickly stopped by the armed forces.

This was the first reaction from the aliens.

Huge, Giant structures appeared on the hull of the ship.

They looked similar to the weapons used by the humans, but were much bigger and probably thousands of times more effective.

The army reading the mood of the situation, stepped aside, giving free the path towards the aliens.

As the first few tried to run for it, even more guns appeared.

Only a select few were still in the mood to make the jump, and only moved forwards slowly, not knowing what to expect.

They were left alone, allowing them to board.

After a while, as none of them came back, it became clear to the masses: whoever joined the aliens wouldn’t come back.

People became more hesitant, and no one was finding the courage to follow in the footsteps of those that came before.

I had come prepared.

My backpack contained foods of different sorts, a bit of water, a breathing mask, my laptop containing an offline copy of Wikipedia and a bunch of offline video games, a change of clothes and a solar charging cell.

As soon as a path opened up in front of me, I went for it, passed the aliens and set foot inside the ship.